Forklift Safety Tips: Because Safety Matters

A forklift is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any warehouse or production facility.

Unfortunately, there are also a significant number of accidents associated with forklifts in those facilities. Nearly 20,000 people sustain injuries in forklift-related accidents each year, costing employers more than $100 million in lost time and worker compensation.

Perhaps what may be more astounding is how many of these accidents could have been prevented. Following the proper safety protocols could have eliminated nearly 100% of them. That is why it is crucial for employees to know the proper safety procedures for operating forklifts and to practice them diligently.

For example, drivers should be aware of the position of the blades whenever they operate this equipment. Elevating and angling them to keep the front ends higher than the back prevents loads from tipping. When not carrying a load, the blades should be kept low to avoid potentially hitting a coworker in the chest or abdomen.

To prevent collisions, forklifts should not be operated near other equipment. The operator should always be on the lookout for door frames or other obstructions that may encroach on his or her path. When driving on ramps, it is essential that operators must drive forward while going up and in reverse while going down.

Just because there are so many accidents associated with using forklifts, does not mean they are inevitable. In most situations, thinking clearly and acting cautiously will ensure a safer workplace.

Having these things in mind, we partnered with Equipment Depot to bring you this easy to read infographic about how to avoid most common accident situations while operating a forklift.

Forklift Safety Tips Infographic

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