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Welcome to the Forklift Labs! Here we have all the information & resources that you will need to begin your career as a fork lift operator. We have state specific OSHA forklift training requirements, list of forklift training schools, certification costs, job opportunities and step-by-step hiring process to help you get hired.


Forklift Operator Certification

OSHA Forklift Certification

The first step in becoming a fully qualified forklift operator is to obtain your forklift license or certification card. This is your ticket to a dream job and lets your employer know that you have been through your forklift training and are qualified to operate these pieces of machinery.

To do this, you will have to prove that you are a great worker and go above and beyond your job description.

You will also need to obtain additional training on all of the lift trucks, so that you become an expert on them. If you go about it the right way, you will be well on your way to a great and stable fork lift job.


Forklift certification requirements vary from state to state. Please select your state below to read the forklift training requirements so you can quickly get started.


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Job Market for Forklift Operators

If you are worried about the job market for fork lift drivers: don’t be! This job market has, and will continue be, a steady occupation. If you are in any doubt, then just check the job trends graph below for “Forklift Operator” between the period Jan 2014 to 2017.

Forklift Jobs Online

Forklift Operator Jobs Trends on Indeed

By looking at the graph above, it’s easy to conclude that there‚Äôs a huge demand for certified forklift operators and it’s not slowing anytime soon. According to the report issued by US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for lifttruck drivers will continue to rise, and the average salary will be $31,000 per year.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of warehouses in each state and many more are being built each year. The e-commerce sector is booming, and manufacturers are importing/exporting products more than ever. These warehouses are constantly looking for experienced fork lift operators just like you to work there and move their cargo safely and efficiently. The demand for trained forklift operators is not declining.

Unless there are no more goods being made, forklift certification will provide you with tremendous job opportunities no matter what state you work in. So if you have what it takes to land a job in this field, then I would say: Go for it!


Forklift Operator Job Description

A fork lift operator, first and foremost, needs to be able to uphold OSHA safety standards at all times. Along with being someone that can be a beacon of safety, a lift truck driver will need to have great communication skills, and be able to signal clearly when needed.

Policies can vary from company to company, but generally, a forklift operator will need to know how to accept an order and load it safely onto a pallet. They will also need to know how to operate a fork lift and be able to pick up a load and drop it off at its designated location. Keeping track of inventory is a crucial part of the job.

Also, basic math skills are needed as the job consists of being able to count boxes and keep correct inventory. You will need to make sure that the cargo is accounted for from the time it is picked up until it is dropped off at its final location.

It is not just simply about moving a box across a warehouse; one will need to possess all the right skills to be able to handle the job. This also includes being able to physically handle lifting boxes and constantly moving around and bending over.


Forklift Operator License

OSHA Forklift Training

Forklift Operator Training

All operators must go through forklift certification training in order to get their forklift license/certification. This training should give the future operator all of the tools, training, and paperwork necessary to enter the workforce with ease. It consists of three parts including: classroom lecture, written test, and evaluation.

The classroom lecture is lead by an accredited instructor who is an expert on lifttrucks and OSHA safety standards. The lecture will teach the trainee all of the basics of driving a fork lift. Most importantly the instructor will go into detail about OSHA safety standards.

The second part of the OSHA forklift certification course is the written forklift training test which will test the trainee on everything that was covered in the lecture, so be sure to pay close attention in class!

Last but not least the instructor will need to see that you can apply what you have learned in real-life scenarios. Once they are sure that you can operate a fork lift efficiently and safely, you will then be awarded your forklift license!


Forklift License & Training Requirements

OSHA Federal regulations mandate that, all personnel who operate a lift truck must be: Over the age of 18 years old; AND sufficiently trained and certified to operate a fork lift.

Employers go about hiring fork lift operators in two different ways. The first way that employers usually find forklift operators is by hiring within and promoting a current employee. This is ideal for the employer because he/she knows and hopefully trusts the employee.

Also, this saves the employer money by being able to pre-train the employee on the basics of driving a forklift truck. All the employee would have to do is take an forklift certification online course and learn all of the safety basics. This is the simplest way, but sometimes the employer doesn’t have any employees that are ready to take this step.

Either that or they are a brand new company and will need to hire a whole new fleet. In this circumstance, the employer would have to require that a lifttruck driver goes through the whole training course. Trainees will have to go through the whole 3-step process described earlier in the article.

So basically if you are a current employee you may not need to take all parts, just ask your manager what he/she requires if offered the position. If you are a new employee, expect to take the whole course and present your certification during your interview.


Forklift Driver Certification

OSHA Forklift License Training

What Does The Law Say?

According to OSHA, the only law about training is that an operator must be certified, by an accredited instructor, in order to operate a lift truck. An accredited instructor will be someone that has been in the field for a long time and is well versed in OSHA safety standards.

There are two main reasons for this law, the first and foremost being for safety. A well-trained operator is far less likely to get into any accidents in the workplace. This is because, while in training, the future operator learns all of the safety regulations and prepares for any situation that may come up.

Not only does training prevent terrible accidents from happening, it also can save companies potentially thousands of dollars. Accidents and lawsuits are never something a company wants to battle, as they cost the company a lot of money through settlements and legal fees. Also, machines that are heavily damaged can cost hundreds to thousands to repair – depending on the damage.

The laws that exist prevent all of these problems from arising in the first place, at a fraction of the cost. It is well worth it as both an employee and an employer alike.


We Can Help You To Get Your Forklift License

There can be a lot of information out there on how to get your forklift certification. Reading through and trying to pinpoint factual information can be overwhelming, and may make you want to give up. That is why we conveniently put current information all in one place just for you, because we want you to succeed!

We offer several valuable resources including where to find legit training schools in your state. Laws also vary from state to state, and make sure to document the differences from state to state. Also many blogs with valuable information tailored to everyone’s needs, no matter where you live.

We write about anything from how to land a fork lift job to specific details on the position itself and everything in between. Everything you need to pass your forklift exam is available to you on this site.

Not only that we make it extra easy for you by making all information printable, so that you can make notes and study your way. We do all of this for you because we want to be there for you every step of the way to your dream fork lift job!


OSHA Forklift Training Certification

Forklift Operator Training

Where to get Forklift Training and Certification

So you like what you have read so far, and you want more information on how to go about getting trained and certified? Well, there are a couple of answers to this question, depending on your circumstance.

If you are a current employee, wishing to become a lift truck operator, then you can check with your manager to see if the company offers training on-site. If they say yes then all you will have to do is complete the forklift license online course, along with the on-site training. This is a great refresher course or practice course as well if you would like to be ready before training.

If you are new to the field, then you will need to complete the whole three-part course, mentioned earlier in the article. Just do a simple internet search of forklift training schools near you and make sure they are legit. You can always call the company that you wish to work for and ask them what training schools they recommend, or if they have any on-site training available. Never hurts to ask!

Also, you could always apply to be a part-time employee at a company and then work your way up, but it would take longer. It is best to enter the interview for a forklift driver position with your certification in hand. Completing the course should be a breeze, and will be your ticket to a great job opportunity!


Forklift Certification in Different Countries

There are many different laws and regulations from country to country. No matter where you want to be a fork lift driver, we have a guide to help you get there.

For instance: If you live in the United States then we have a guide to getting a forklift operator job in each individual state. Same goes for Australia, in which we will go into detail the requirements that need to be met in each state or territory.

Even in Canada, we have a guide that lets you search from province to province so that you can know how to go about getting certified the right way. We don’t just cater to one country; we try to encompass several different parts of the world. This is so that you can be armed with the knowledge to get a lift truck job no matter where you live!


Forklift Certification Training

In a Nutshell…

There is a lot that goes into being a forklift operator. You need to have the skills necessary to be a safe and efficient operator.

Forklift operators need to be well trained and armed with the knowledge of the industry. Knowing all of the laws and regulations is also critical, so that you operate a fork lift the right way.

You can get all of this information, no matter where you are, right here on this website. The more educated you become, the closer you get to your dream forklift operating job!

Forklift Certification, License & Training Guides